The American dream is all about the rags to riches story – how anyone can become a successful millionaire just by trying their very best and working as hard as they can. Marcus Hiles, today a billionaire real estate magnate, is certainly living the dream.

Marcus D Hiles and Western Rim Properties are iconic in the Texas area for having created homes that have all of the luxuries imaginable. From delighting the customer with stainless steel kitchen appliances and underground garages, to providing them with relaxing spas and swimming pools, a Western Rim home has it all.

By offering these homes at a price that is below the prevailing market rate, Marcus Hiles has helped his customers to also live the dream. The residents at a Marcus Hile home have an average annual income that does not exceed $100,000.

Real Estate Icon, Marcus Hiles, Fulfills Vision of making the finest homes available to ordinary citizens. He is therefore a true patriot, having transformed the Texas real estate industry into something that can be enjoyed by everyone and not just the privileged one percent. In doing so, he has certainly lived his dream and is giving a boost up to everyone who is living his or hers.