Today all high earners, entrepreneurs and business tycoons are expected to give something back to the community, be it in the form of charity or through philanthropic donations to global causes. Many celebrities and office workers now make sure that they keep up a public profile by doing these things and the public have been known to check up on such facts. For many this can be seen as just following a trend, but for a lot of entrepreneurs it is a serious part of life that helps them to progress as human beings. One such success story belongs to Marcus Hiles who has used his fortune to help those around him in more ways than one. The Resume of a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur, Marcus Hiles has a philosophy that looks to the people that surround him and for ways to improve their lives at the core of all his actions. In this article we examine some of them.

Marcus Hiles has donated huge amounts to universities in his home state of Texas. Not just to existing institutions, but to the building of new educational facilities around the state. Marcus Hiles is not the kind of old boy that one expects, simply looking back to one university that he was a part of. His values lie in education itself, not just the kind that applies to his background. By funding new facilities Marcus Hiles has revealed that he believes education is the key to success no matter what, and that in addition it can enrich human experience no matter what the study matter. Having studied himself at several institutions Marcus Hiles makes sure that his own personal team is made up of educated professionals that know what they are doing and where their origins lie.

Marcus Hiles considers his own business to be of help to the community, too. As a property developer he prides himself on giving homes back to the world that are of the highest standard and that will be lived in by families for many years. Marcus Hiles may be a market success story but he has built this story by giving back the highest quality living spaces available. He is a family man, and his love of the family as a unit has fulled his designs for property. Every single building site includes rich green spaces and communal sporting facilities, both of which are intended to nurture a new and thriving community for the future. The homes that Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas builds are not just investments or short term rents, they are intended to last a lifetime and house the next generation of thinkers, makers, creators and businessmen.