Marcus Hiles is known for his success as a property developer in Texas. His success was earned not handed down and there certainly was no silver spoon. His Dad was an inner city minister. It was a humble start in life and it was considered a big treat to have donuts or ice cream. In his college years he worked a full time job while studying. For a whole year he slept on the floor of the living room with no sleeping bag or mattress. On a typical day he was eating generic green beans and generic hot dogs.

When Marcus turned 28, he started what would become Western Rim with very little money and just barely meeting payroll. Western Rim property services continued to grow and Marcus, continued to invest all his money into back into the business. He lived on next to nothing.

Marcus Hiles received his BA from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He went on to complete his Masters of Business Administration at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He supports numerous schools, children hospitals, churches, charities locally, nationally and internationally.