Changing cityscapes and fast developing housing projects have called on the minds of some of America’s most important social housing architects of late. As more corporations venture further afield from the swell of the big city, more than ever there is a need to accommodate and attract professionals with the aspirations of an urban lifestyle to the locations where they reside. One such example is in a little-known town called Little Elm, Texas. The car manufacturing giants Toyota relocated their headquarters here recently, and is is of no surprise the area has seen an exciting flurry of renewal. One such example of this drive to draw the talents of city slickers to the country is The Estates 3Eighty project on the banks of Lewisville Lake.

The Estates 3Eighty project is a good example and defining piece of 21st century architecture and societal phenomenon. Unlike the dreary, drab and uninspiring housing complexes of times past, adorned with concrete and bleak design, these projects set out to bring the comforts, excitements and conveniences of urban living to places of outstanding beauty and economic potential. The design of the complex is chic, elegant and gives an air of luxury living, whilst offering the rugged and beautiful scenery this part of Texas has to offer.

The facilities a complex like The Estates 3Eighty have may on the face of it give an sense of self inclusion and a lack of want for integration to the wider community. The security ensures the property is accessed only by residence, security is good, there are cafes, gyms, activity centers, social club-room, mail room to name but a few of the numerous amount of self-serving facilities on offer. However projects like this have expressed commitment to integrate with the wider community, and there point is understandable.

Whist many residences will find the solace and comfort in the amenities on hand in their complex, the wider economic benefits of drawing professionals from young graduates to families are very apparent. Not only will these residences fill current jobs of companies already residing in the area, their presence is likely to attract other businesses to do commerce in the catchment area. What we are seeing with projects like The Estates 3Eighty might be seen as the beginning of a thriving housing trend that is likely to kick start the domino effect across all states in America. Keep you eyes peeled.