Marcus Hiles offers top quality homes to Texan residents that feature the best in luxury amenities, which are nonetheless affordable. Marcus Hiles’ unwavering commitment to make luxury housing available at a price well below market value is what makes him the iconic and extraordinary businessman he is today. Marcus Hiles and his real estate firm Western Rim Properties have made the headlines time and again. In fact, his luxury homes have truly become the talk of the town. A sense of pride and deep satisfaction derive from living in a home that promotes your overall well-being and fosters a strong and enduring sense of community with others. Have a stroll in an adjacent park, partake of manicured and well kept lawns, enjoy a round of golf with friends and neighbors, and come back home to the luxury and comfort you deserve. All of this characterizes the communities of Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles’ entrepreneurial efforts benefit not only residents but the real estate community at large. His homes have redefined the way real estate is perceived, and his efforts have served to increase home buyers’ expectations. Marcus Hiles’ business model is one which is emulated, as it is exemplary in successfully reaching the goal of offering luxury housing to the American family at affordable prices. Marcus Hiles is well-known in Texas for his commitment to philanthropy. Marcus Hiles’ good nature and sincere and unwavering dedication to giving back to the community is shown through Western Rim Properties’ massive charitable contributions and to his direct involvement in creating and protecting vast expanses of green space in his real estate communities and in Texan cities. Through his commitment to altruism, Marcus Hiles has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve society.

The success of Western Rim Properties has allowed Marcus Hiles to realize his childhood dream of becoming a leading philanthropic figure in Texas, a role which he has humbly served for over twenty years. Marcus Hiles has worked hard to ensure that Western Rim Properties never wavers in its dedication to giving back to the community. Marcus Hiles has proven time and again a key player in creating a number of environmentally-friendly parks, recreational centers, and other cultural amenities. What’s more, Western Rim Properties has invested heavily in several environmentally-friendly technologies that reduce waste, and consequently improve the overall performance of the company.