Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles vision comes true with Western Rim Properties and Frisco Texas Mansions, the statement may be a big one but it is surely true and is backed up with statistics. Both Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles form their student days have been living a very struggling life.

They were not from a very wealthy family rather they had to work really hard for getting their education, both took a part time job in order to make both ends meet, under these conditions they started to plan for a business, initially they even didn’t had to cash to start the business.

Rather they had to borrow the initial investment, but Marcus always knew they he was god gifted as far as the art of real estate is concerned and he was always willing to take risks, he was of the view that if you are not a person who can take challenges in life and who is afraid of taking risk then you cannot become a good business man and to prolong your career as a business man you must work hard and you must be ready to take tough decisions.

Luckily Marcus Hiles was blessed with leadership qualities and he knew how to make use of the limited resources he had, the establishment of western rim Property immediately gave him necessary profits and revenue through record breaking sales and remarkable customer service.

He never made false promises with his customers and was true with his words, he knew that he can only create brand loyal customers if he is honest in his dealings and he is transparent as far as his business activities are concerned, the success allowed him to make investments in many other projects well known among them is Frisco Texas Mansions which gave him the best profits.