Marcus Hiles Furthers Earth-Friendly Building Practices

Marcus Hiles is proud to ensure the survival of the native foliage in the designs of his developments. “Creating communities that work in harmony with nature and lessen humanity’s carbon footprint is a responsibility I embrace,” says the prominent rea estate developer. His commitment stands tall, with a network of walking/jogging paths and private, on-site parks on locations nestled alongside expanses of countryside, undisturbed ponds and relaxing streams. Hiles’ Estates Woodland in Magnolia features the century-old oaks and pines of the W.G. Jones State Forest bordering the property and providing access to shaded trails and scenic lakes. The Mansions at Briggs Ranch in San Antonio highlights rich, native flora native to the Hill Country, including historic mountain laurels, which benefit the pracrice of removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Similarly, trees are a prominent component in Hiles’s ecological objectives: through his company’s ongoing program to increase the canopy of the state’s shade trees, 2,500 trees are planted each year. Over the past decade, 30,000 trees have been planted by Western Rim, bettering the air quality around the Lone Star state as they remove approximately 75 tons of carbon dioxide each year. Hiles’ strategy encourages a viable synergy between the preservation of endemic wildlife and the luxury living for which Hiles’s developments are renowned.

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