Property Management Guru, Marcus Hiles, is the Man behind Western Rim Properties; he is also the man behind all the major projects initiated by western rim property since its inception a decade ago. Marcus Hiles was from his childhood was a much focused boy, he always was a good decision taker and was of cool mind.

Even today the employees of Marcus Hiles say that they hardly see Marcus in tension or angry. He is always very cool minded and he never shows to his employees that he is depressed or something. According to people close to him, Marcus Hiles never makes hasty decisions, sometimes he shows excellent temperament even at critical moments of the company.

One of those critical moments was Conroe Texas Real estate , a project which was initiated some time ago and resulted in exceptional profit for the company. Before going for this project Marcus Hiles did proper marketing research and tried to find whether investing in such a project will be result oriented or not.

Marcus Hiles never outsources his research, rather he has his own blend of qualified researchers who do this highly difficult task for him, once the research was complete and green signal was given by the researchers, Marcus Hiles invested in the project. Marcus Hiles always had the idea of investing in Conroe.

The obvious reason is that the area is beautifully placed and is a good location as far as getting a comfortable home or mansion is concerned. Marcus Hired one of the best engineers for the project and he personally went to the site many times to see the proceedings by himself. Marcus Hiles with his team personally planned the marketing of the project himself and ensured its proper application personally supervising each and every step.