There are few people who make a special place in our hearts by creating a good image throughout the life. Marcus Hiles is an owner of a renowned Texas-based real estate company called Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles have grown up in Texas. He completed his studies in Texas. He wasn’t belonging to a well-off family in his childhood. The current luxuries and lavishing life that he is enjoying is only due his hard work and dedication. He and his wife Nancy were class-mates in the collage. Due to great compatibility, their friendship had reached the other level. Then, they decided to engage into a startup business. The couple had collected their savings to invest for the first property. After few years, marcus Hiles YouTube Channel also helped for the promotion of his business.

Marcus Hiles is a real estate owner that prefer green and natural environment in the surroundings of their offered residencies. He is a person who is not greedy by nature. All of his projects are constructed with the addition of backyard, garden or lawn on the exit area. Marcus Hiles is also a big-hearted philanthropist. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles philanthropy is not only popular in Texas but also in all over the world. The popularity of Western Rim Properties has increased due to their higher involvement in charitable causes. Charity is like worship for Marcus and Nancy. They do it for personal satisfaction. According to the couple, there is not any other best way to spend a satisfactory and happy life than participation in philanthropic causes. It is a major reason due to which Marcus Hiles have got immense popularity as an entrepreneur. They love to participate in charity and making donations.